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Norman Doidge, neuroplasticity, lasers and me …

Good Morning. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals, who deserve a day of rest and merriment. But enough about you. One of the ostensible purposes of this blog has been to try to help anyone else out … Continue reading

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Well, that really took the wind out of my sails …

but life marches on. Pictures being worth a thousand words, here is (much of) my delightful family at the very happy occasion of our eldest offspring graduating from medical school, and becoming a surgeon, at one of the greatest Canadian … Continue reading

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Maybe a flu shot would have been a good idea …

Well then, that was gnarly. Sorry for the hiatus. However, a break from commentary seems like it was a good idea. Truth really is often stranger than fiction, and I am still reeling from all those pundits who had no … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me …

As my father-in-law once said, I never wanted to be 86 until I was 85. My brother was also succinct one year: think of the alternative … Feeling it was a good year, as one’s expectations sink with each passing … Continue reading

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Gobble gobble gluck gluck, munch munch munch, millions of Americans sitting down to lunch [with apologies to Spike Milligan]

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends … hard to know where to begin, but easy to know where to stop: Best wishes.

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Four infourmative books that made me rethink thinks … and then I drivel on for a bit …

First and four-most was Norman Doidge’s The Brain’s Way of Healing. Inspirational and a solid mix of anecdote, science, and useful information that you can apply in your everyday life, though it is far from a self-help book. A book … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s just me, but I find this post-conspiracist most entertaining ..

I have touted this podcast before, and cannot resist re-touting it. Still time to go back to the beginning, and it only comes out once a month (sadly) so no big time commitment, but if you ever feel you narrowly … Continue reading

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Is your ladder leaning against the right wall?

This is a question that should be asked daily. Once you are focused on the rungs, it can be hard to remember what is at the top. I remember two somewhat related stories from a strange series (strange mostly because … Continue reading

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If being current on modern currency isn’t your cup of tea … how about a slice of ancient constitutional history?

It worked for my grand-pa Bertie, and it works for me, on occasion. And this year is one of those occasions. Nicholas Vincent on the Magna Carta Did an 800-year old piece of parchment really change the world? Nicholas Vincent … Continue reading

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Sorry for the endless test pattern …

I have been having a most interesting time, and seem to have hampered my neurons [but not to the point of not being able to spell neuron, strange spell checker who prefers neurone, ed.] terribly, with the kind assistance of … Continue reading

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