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Well, that really took the wind out of my sails …

but life marches on. Pictures being worth a thousand words, here is (much of) my delightful family at the very happy occasion of our eldest offspring graduating from medical school, and becoming a surgeon, at one of the greatest Canadian … Continue reading

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Sad to say, we lost our best Mouse …

It was quick, and very final. Lyme disease played a part, but something else must have been lurking. We had promised ourselves not to drag out another dog’s life, having done too much in the past, but this time there … Continue reading

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Maybe a flu shot would have been a good idea …

Well then, that was gnarly. Sorry for the hiatus. However, a break from commentary seems like it was a good idea. Truth really is often stranger than fiction, and I am still reeling from all those pundits who had no … Continue reading

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Progressive? No thanks … or at least only if I’m at the helm …

The other day I had a somewhat depressing run in with our city councillor who mistook his election as a mandate when it was a strong rejection of the development mad woman whom he replaced. We discussed two recent neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Gobble gobble gluck gluck, munch munch munch, millions of Americans sitting down to lunch [with apologies to Spike Milligan]

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends … hard to know where to begin, but easy to know where to stop: Best wishes.

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Sailing to Georgian Bay’s North Channel in our 1995 Corsair F-31

To get things started, here’s our route from start to finish, much of the track laid down by the GPS, and some of it added by hand. When you are travelling, places become like characters and so like any good mystery … Continue reading

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Now that they have knocked down the house right behind us … I really would rather be sailing the F-31

Or should I say Osprey? I still think that is my favourite of all the names we have thought of, and I am beginning to have trouble walking past all the dreadful puns at the sailing club, and cannot in … Continue reading

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Happy Dominion, oops, Canada Day!

As we bathe in red and white, and feel supremely lucky to call Canada home, let me just say: Won’t get fooled again? Meet the old boss, same as the new boss? “We will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession … Continue reading

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La vie de l’eau and c’est la vie, Minnicog Queen …

My in-laws purchased the Catalina 22′, which they named the Minnicog Queen* [because the Queen did come to Minnicog, well Penetanguishene which is close enough, and my pop in-law wrote a book called The Queen Comes to Minnicog, and it all … Continue reading

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Tryptophan, serotonin, microbes and mood …

Good Saturday. That was a busy week for a limpet like me, and here is a weird anecdote/book review from said week, but it surely did happen to me. I have just finished listening to a book called Brain Maker by Dr. … Continue reading

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