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Muskrat Love … well … Otter love … or maybe we otter talk about some thing else

You know the song, it was ineluctable, even if you managed to eluct the decade, and I am going to have to play it, as a fitting sound track to the world’s worst otter porn, which I happened to photograph … Continue reading

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Lame claim to fame, but you take what you can get

One of the unusual benefits of living in a community mostly of professors, which I kind of did in the city, where they came and drank cocktails at our house, but really did at the cottage, which has an unusual association … Continue reading

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I am sorry, and I know this isn’t going to help

but a challenge to the spirit indeed. Yesterday, hope, and yes these were shot in colour.  Goldeneye’s [I finally remembered without getting out the book. They have very cute relatives called Buffleheads, a much better name, and once I mentioned … Continue reading

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Ice-breaking news! Well, no, actually ice-not-breaking news, but we do the best we can …

We (well, some of we) are going back to Penetanguishene, or perhaps I should call it P-town, having referred to Ottawa as O-town.  But given what’s been going on there, octogenarian-wise, perhaps I won’t.  I was delighted, however, to discover … Continue reading

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Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig …

So here we are back in O-town [that is an o not a zero, please] and the drive home was just like a drive home. I remember the Prince of Wales once being asked by a journalist upon his arrival … Continue reading

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Our view made the news! Not our point of view, sadly, but hey …

[Edited to add exciting pictures of the ice holes as seen from the cottage at the bottom.] Except that they had a better vantage point, being able to fly and all, this is exactly what we are looking at from … Continue reading

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Winter storm Yona? yada, yona, yada …

Is this meant to make us feel sort of chummy with storms, this naming of them?  I must have missed the rest of the alphabet. So in lieu of writing about how pleasant this spring has been, I thought I … Continue reading

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Life without the Internet, Oscar Wilde and Kleptocracy

So there I am, with a wifi signal showing full strength, but no internet.  To reset the device one must navigate a creaky door, a chilly, slippery, walk, and at the end, another creaky door,  a sleeping, we hope, pair … Continue reading

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Canada Legalizes Marijuana, Putin Returns the Crimea, saying he was “just kidding around,”

and people the world over decided to practice their religions in their own homes, and to stop with all the hate. Oh well, April Fool’s makes one dream again. But this is kind of funny.  Hershey had a big chocolate … Continue reading

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The best parts of the last two days …

leaving out the beautiful people. Dawn and winter eats another flag.  It was pretty … pretty damned cold.  A wind to chill your bones.  But it turned into a beautiful sunny day, with an almost caricaturish display of Canadianness, with … Continue reading

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