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And speaking of local politics …

I have never had a political lawn sign before, a phrase I realise is incorrect as I type it, as is apparently my spelling of realise, which is not a Canadian english thing at all it turns out, just something … Continue reading

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So we went to New York to look at a boat …

and it was a very interesting and odd trip.  I didn’t take enough pictures to tell the story that is has turned into, and I am not sure what the point even is, but let’s just start by saying that … Continue reading

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Something is not quite right …

and I am rather wonky and posting will have to wait.  I am sure I will return in fighting form but not today … the letters are dancing too much and it makes them hard to organize into words.  We … Continue reading

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Minor triumphs in the Life and Times of Xty: did you notice the hideous black line is gone?

Why, I know you have been asking yourselves, has Xty been keeping her fabulous wisdom to herself? The answer lies in the truly mundane to some, but magic to me: I have managed to edit my theme, failed to make … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Seventeen

Download the PDF file .

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Looking for something to read? You have come to the wrong place …

Okay, I have just about had it with this fellow and his astonishing brain.  I stumbled upon his blog on one of my word searches as he has a fairly comprehensive list of nautical terms, briefly defined, and had been … Continue reading

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Perhaps I am late to the party, but not as late as this guy …

It is rare that a story so profound could have remained so hidden, but if it hadn’t then it wouldn’t have happened, because staying hidden made it so powerful.  And there is a wonderful sublime poetic justice to be found … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Sixteen

Download the PDF file .

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Is distraction an appropriate response to pain and despair?

I am not sure when grief councillors got invented, but it seemed to happen sometime during my teenage hood.  Something horrible would happen and on top of the usual aftermath a horde of professionals, whose careers depend on lengthening the … Continue reading

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I thought I was back, but you just can’t get the Go Home out of the Girl

I know my troubles are like a hill of beans compared to many people’s, but I had been somewhat manically determined to get to the cottage and stay there, seule moi, and after my brief hiatus and with the considerable … Continue reading

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