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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Sixteen

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Is distraction an appropriate response to pain and despair?

I am not sure when grief councillors got invented, but it seemed to happen sometime during my teenage hood.  Something horrible would happen and on top of the usual aftermath a horde of professionals, whose careers depend on lengthening the grief response, would descend on the hapless survivors. The good that has come from this is the recognition that the horrors we witness do not leave us, and for some become demons that cannot be tamed.  And one must learn from the past, however bitterly painful.  Why am I being so cheerful?  Because I was thinking this morning about poor Robin … Continue reading

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I thought I was back, but you just can’t get the Go Home out of the Girl

I know my troubles are like a hill of beans compared to many people’s, but I had been somewhat manically determined to get to the cottage and stay there, seule moi, and after my brief hiatus and with the considerable help of friends and fambly, got back up for a night and closed up more properly [properlier, ed.?] and slapped some stain on the visible posts and fascia. Painting around the screen is going to take some painstaking paint staining [hubby kept complaining  mentioning that the stain seemed very paint-like and I kept responding that the label said it was … Continue reading

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Please excuse my inexcusable absence, here’s what happened …

First it rained and it rained and it rained.  But it is amazing what you can find under 50 years’ worth of detritus.  My dad painted the orange painting on the left and the one you can’t see beside it.  [Never put up photo's or pictures you like with thumbtacks, framed in paper frames.  Your daughter will come along and pull them all out, taking hours, only to burn their faded and curled remains.]  7 body bags of refuse and a massive bonfire revealed this piece of heaven and once it got cold I slept in here and hung a … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Fifteen

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I haven’t really bored you with my photos lately …

In no particular order, and all from around Penetang.  The camera did not roam to Go Home as the trip was short and busy.  But I am beginning to get that camera itch again, and can only hope, like the ducks below to get mine in a row, so I can get in a row … boat and go find me some ducks to shoot.  Nature’s infinity pool!  Some big ass boulders reminding us that we are standing on the Canadian Shield. Where’s Waldo? There’s Waldo. My hideaway, hidden away: Spiders, everywhere, doing their job: This was actually dawn, and … Continue reading

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Sorry for the interlude …

I was actually away from the interwebz and even the cell phone failed to roam [thank Woden!] all the way to the gorgeous Go Home Bay:

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Fourteen

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Slap me when I complain …


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Important Fine Fettle Benefits en Route to Cantankerous Tea

I couldn’t have said it better myself!  I read this remarkable article [with tears of laughter [actually, I was there, ed.] clouding my already cloudy vision] all the way to the end, and if you would like to protect your anthology from the ravages of aging I suggest you do too. Without more ado, and with thanks to the internet and computer assisted translation, I bring you this marvellous disquisition on the virtues of cantankerous tea, the rust-oleum paint for your outdoor phototypesetting machine as it were: Important Fine fettle Benefits En route to Cantankerous Tea Inasmuch as thousands of years, the … Continue reading

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