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Thwarting behaviour and the instant negative

I am not sure why parents do this to their children, and we were no exception until self-awareness and being met with the same behaviour from our children got in the way and made it much more effective if less efficient to listen and think before just saying no. Kidding aside, we found we said no automatically, 90% of the time.  Once we learned to pause for a moment, it became possible to say yes to all sorts of things that were wonderful overall, if somewhat trying during certain minutes.  The band in the basement comes to mind. There is just … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Twelve

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Solve and coagula? How have I not heard of this?

There has been a flood of comic books into our house recently [exacerbated by middle son's wisdom-teeth-ectomy, which led to a parental wallet-ectomy] something [the flood and the wallet-ectomy, not the teeth extraction] that has occurred every now and then throughout my decades I slowly realised as the current wave engulfed our wee abode, and while I am not much of a fan of superhero movie heroes, like Superman, I have read every Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County I could find. And when I start to think back, my childhood was filled with comics too, from Peanuts to the Fantastic Four … … Continue reading

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Turtles all the way down ..

I can’t remember when I first heard this explanation for creation and the earth, but basically the theory holds that the earth is supported by a turtle, and if one asks what supports the turtle, the answer is, “It’s turtles all the way down.” While simplistic, it actually captures the difficulty in any discussion of time and creation and the universe, because it is nonsense to say that things ‘began’ with the Big Bang [at least the biggest one we know of or can imagine, ed.] because there must have been something to go bang, and while the universe may … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Eleven

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Bacq at it …

Good Morning Sorry for the hiatus, but things happy and things gastric created a glitch in the matrix. But when time and space had rearranged themselves in a better way, an actual Matrix [not this one] delivered your sometimes rocky host to the rocky Georgian Bay [This one!] Even Woden would have trouble being angry here, especially on his name day, and as my belly improves I am sure so to will my mind, and as always I appreciate the patience of my audience.

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Ten

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238? And you don’t look a day older than …

I hope today my American friends can enjoy the ground beneath their feet and remember how lucky they are to stand where they do.  It is a strong measure of a country, whether their borders are designed to keep people out or to keep people in.  We are the lucky ones who stand on this side of that fence. Much love and bon appétit!

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Happy Canada Day!

I am conflicted as to patriotism, but I thank my lucky stars I am a Canadian citizen.  I was born in England, and cling to my British citizenship because we are allowed dual citizenshipness, but when I was twelve I became concerned that I wasn’t Canadian and my mum and I both applied for our papers. Sweet deal.

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World’s Worst Novel: Chapter Nine

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