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Xty’s 1st rule for avoiding early death: don’t stress about stuff you can’t fix

You know the feeling.  You are awake, or not, and your mind is a blank, but it is casting about for something to think about.  And for some reason it seems to want to think about something that will cause you to worry yourself to pieces while sitting inert, rather than find something useful to ponder about, or something to actually fix, that is within your ken. who wrote many an hilarious tale, with titles like They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They?, and Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink!, had a piece somewhere in his prolific writing about having a worry box in … Continue reading

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Polar vortex? Lots of polar, little vortex, on the Georgian Bay

I find these satellite photographs absolutely fascinating, and the better side of the space programmes that are basically driven by that good old military/industrial complex that just won’t die.  The detail is phenomenal, all though you cannot see me waving from our little thawing nook.  Here is the ice over the last few days, behaving like a continent reluctantly accepting tectonic plate theory. April 19th  April 18th April 17th The part of the Bay where we are at looks like land, except that real land has lost its snow cover. Lake Simcoe looks like a frozen pork chop on the middle … Continue reading

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Muskrat Love … well … Otter love … or maybe we otter talk about some thing else

You know the song, it was ineluctable, even if you managed to eluct the decade, and I am going to have to play it, as a fitting sound track to the world’s worst otter porn, which I happened to photograph yesterday: That wasn’t the otter porn, in case you were confused. I am embarrassed for the whole corniness of it all.  Starsky and Hutch … Simon and Garfunkle … What a time of bad hair, and soft insipid sounds.  And let me tell you, these otters weren’t just wriggling toes and giggling insipidly. If you like to take pictures of … Continue reading

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Lame claim to fame, but you take what you can get

One of the unusual benefits of living in a community mostly of professors, which I kind of did in the city, where they came and drank cocktails at our house, but really did at the cottage, which has an unusual association with the University of Toronto, other than learning how not to do all sorts of practical things, were information walks.  These consisted of topics fascinating to an eight year old me [not really, but I have always been polite, even as a kid] like how many mosquito bites can you get and still live while looking for mushrooms that can … Continue reading

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I am sorry, and I know this isn’t going to help

but a challenge to the spirit indeed. Yesterday, hope, and yes these were shot in colour.  Goldeneye’s [I finally remembered without getting out the book. They have very cute relatives called Buffleheads, a much better name, and once I mentioned them to the handsome marina owner when he was taking me to the cottage in the water taxi, and he replied that they were delicious.  A not in Kansas anymore kind of moment, but I have gone more than parenthetical, apologies dear reader.] are often the first to return, and this spot just off the shore is often an attractive … Continue reading

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Ice-breaking news! Well, no, actually ice-not-breaking news, but we do the best we can …

We (well, some of we) are going back to Penetanguishene, or perhaps I should call it P-town, having referred to Ottawa as O-town.  But given what’s been going on there, octogenarian-wise, perhaps I won’t.  I was delighted, however, to discover that I can get the weather for Beausoleil Island, even on the sidebar weather widget, so you can experience the weather I will be watching.  Isn’t life grand! But here is what you have really been waiting for, and unfortunately I do not mean your ship coming in, because it can’t, being frozen, encore une foie [again one time, French for still, … Continue reading

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Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig …

So here we are back in O-town [that is an o not a zero, please] and the drive home was just like a drive home. I remember the Prince of Wales once being asked by a journalist upon his arrival in Canada how his flight had been, and he responded, “Have you ever been on a trans-Atlantic flight?”  To which the hapless journalist responded, “Yes.”  “It was just like that,” said Prince Phillip and walked away.  He got a lot of flack for it, but I think it was a great answer to a stupid question. And the azalea, which … Continue reading

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Our view made the news! Not our point of view, sadly, but hey …

[Edited to add exciting pictures of the ice holes as seen from the cottage at the bottom.] Except that they had a better vantage point, being able to fly and all, this is exactly what we are looking at from the southern shore. Straight at the tip of Beausoliel Island, an island that really looks like a penis, it just has to be said and gotten out of the way, and the eastern side of Pinery point, off to our west. Here it is on a chart, and then I will let Barrie news tell the ice breaking story that … Continue reading

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Winter storm Yona? yada, yona, yada …

Is this meant to make us feel sort of chummy with storms, this naming of them?  I must have missed the rest of the alphabet. So in lieu of writing about how pleasant this spring has been, I thought I would bore you with a few pictures from a moment when it wasn’t looking like a sheet of paper out my window. Hope springs eternal, even if spring doesn’t exactly spring to action. But tomorrow is another day … if we’re lucky and I suspect we will be. Happy Saturday and good riddance Yona!

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Life without the Internet, Oscar Wilde and Kleptocracy

So there I am, with a wifi signal showing full strength, but no internet.  To reset the device one must navigate a creaky door, a chilly, slippery, walk, and at the end, another creaky door,  a sleeping, we hope, pair of octogenarians,  and a sleeping 4 year-old for Mouse to wake in the cabin.  And who knows where the device has gone, or why it isn’t working.  I would currently be the resident expert, and that says a lot. [Obviously the mystery has been solved, or you wouldn't be reading this.  [assumptions, assumptions, ed.]  But I really thought I had … Continue reading

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