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Sailing to Georgian Bay’s North Channel in our 1995 Corsair F-31

To get things started, here’s our route from start to finish, much of the track laid down by the GPS, and some of it added by hand. When you are travelling, places become like characters and so like any good mystery … Continue reading

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La vie de l’eau and c’est la vie, Minnicog Queen …

My in-laws purchased the Catalina 22′, which they named the Minnicog Queen* [because the Queen did come to Minnicog, well Penetanguishene which is close enough, and my pop in-law wrote a book called The Queen Comes to Minnicog, and it all … Continue reading

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Flora, fauna and me … a photo update from the Bahamas

The Bahamian Mockingbird, which one elusive source introduced by saying that if you thought you had fifteen birds outside your window, you probably had a mocking bird, and they were right: I haven’t identified these yet, but I sure wish I … Continue reading

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Another year older … but not just another year …

Happy Birthday to me … That said, what a year it has been. Bought the boat in Cape Cod in January .. Went to California with a dreaming in my heart in February: Still visiting mum in March in Ottawa: … Continue reading

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And at the end of the rainbow, a little lighthouse …

Crossing the bridge at Prescott. I may love Americans but I am nervous in America. You really do seem to have a lot of police everywhere. Or maybe I just don’t worry about Canadian police. We are just so less … Continue reading

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Photos from afar, and random thoughts …

We are up a mountain, at a campsite frequented by off-roaders, and I must say there is a gathering of good old boys and gals a few campsites away, and they are more American than the apple pie we ate … Continue reading

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Sometimes life just calls your bluff …

and I seem to be more excited than horrified! It all comes from being married to an engineer, I suppose. And an engineer who loves to sail and also had a cottage on the Georgian Bay to spend summers at … Continue reading

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It was a dark and stormy afternoon …

when the boat set out to the bay and the crew said to the mate, “Mate, I’m really wet and I didn’t eat the doughnuts.” and mushrooms liked it (because they are fungi’s): and were patriotic: and it was occasionally … Continue reading

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I thought I was back, but you just can’t get the Go Home out of the Girl

I know my troubles are like a hill of beans compared to many people’s, but I had been somewhat manically determined to get to the cottage and stay there, seule moi, and after my brief hiatus and with the considerable … Continue reading

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Please excuse my inexcusable absence, here’s what happened …

First it rained and it rained and it rained.  But it is amazing what you can find under 50 years’ worth of detritus.  My dad painted the orange painting on the left and the one you can’t see beside it. … Continue reading

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