Well, that really took the wind out of my sails …

but life marches on.

Pictures being worth a thousand words, here is (much of) my delightful family at the very happy occasion of our eldest offspring graduating from medical school, and becoming a surgeon, at one of the greatest Canadian universities, Memorial in Newfoundland.

Now that is a happier photo to wake up to!

And speaking of sails, we got new trampolines for the still [!!!, ed.] unnamed boat, and she looks marvellous:

I could go on and on about having ripped out all of the old head, linoleum, smelly pipes and all, but suffice it to say I took out my wrath against the universe by a work of terrific destruction, and we all felt better, and the composting toilet really is the bee’s knees. Or something much more smelly but also great. And I am sure you are all in breathtaking excitement waiting for the unveiling of my latest rug, which is almost done.

Apologies for the long hiatus – Mouse was a true friend and it has taken some time to heal. [Pun almost intended.] Hope all is as well as this universe allows, which is sometimes pretty magnificent:

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