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Happy Dominion, oops, Canada Day!

As we bathe in red and white, and feel supremely lucky to call Canada home, let me just say: Won’t get fooled again? Meet the old boss, same as the new boss? “We will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession … Continue reading

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Yum, stigmata …

I can just feel a rant coming on. Why in the name of all that isn’t holy do people hand over their lives to religious leaders? Who in their right mind would buy chocolate shaped like Jesus on a cross? … Continue reading

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Is there any point in being mad at world leaders? On a Saturday morning at that …

Elected or not, a bunch of disappointments. But they are all nuts to try to run huge empires in the first place. I am currently particularly disappointed in the Pope, which is easy, but why can’t he defend free speech … Continue reading

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The Wheels on the Bus go Clop, Clop, Clop …

What is the matter with people? And how many posts could I begin that way? As many ways as roads Bob Dylan never lets you know there are, and dangers lurk at every corner. So my first thought was not … Continue reading

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Will the war on drugs ever end? Not if you ask for the drug squad’s advice …

Recently our delightfully resourceful government has been blaring hard-core anti-marijuana ads on prime-time that seem at odds with the average person’s understanding, perception and intent when it comes to smoking pot.  It is quite clear that the ads are not … Continue reading

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Sometimes the nice guy does win!

A little while back attentive readers will remember that I put an election sign on my lawn for the first time in my life because of the excellent candidate for City Councillor we had running in our ward against a … Continue reading

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And speaking of local politics …

I have never had a political lawn sign before, a phrase I realise is incorrect as I type it, as is apparently my spelling of realise, which is not a Canadian english thing at all it turns out, just something … Continue reading

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I think I might have to change my mind about something … or not!

I was brought up to believe that it was your civic duty to vote, and instilled that value in my children.  But you should see [no you shouldn’t, ed.!] the cast of clowns running for Premier of Ontario, the fabulous … Continue reading

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This needed to be said, thank you Trader Dan

The Gold Cult Cult  – 1.) a religious group which promotes worship of a human leader and devotion of one’s life to a specific purpose. 2.)  A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing Cult of Personality – … Continue reading

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I forgot about Ottawa’s second season … construction.

Without any warning, they came and dug an enormous hole in our street two days ago, so big that it actually filled the street and blocked it completely.  And it looks like today it is going to be filled in … Continue reading

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