Happy Birthday to me …

As my father-in-law once said, I never wanted to be 86 until I was 85. My brother was also succinct one year: think of the alternative …

Feeling it was a good year, as one’s expectations sink with each passing year, but no broken bones or dead parents seems like a rip-roaring success in comparison to much of my 2010’s, and capped by the engagement of our daughter, a classic ending for a comedy, we shall bank this one as comedy not tragedy.

                                 Xty 2015                                                             Xty 2016


I’ll take it!

Love and best wishes to all.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to me …

  1. xty says:

    And finally I can reveal to a breathless public my second latch-hook kit project, that reminded me very much of my mum’s cottage, both the shape of the landscape and the bear, who ravaged the cottage on more than one occasion:

  2. xty says:

    I have been battling a flu of some sort, but the creative juices and the desire to make Roz Chast happy by having the blog degenerate into my crafts, are still alive and I have managed to make two rather delightful yoga bolsters:

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