Maybe a flu shot would have been a good idea …

Well then, that was gnarly. Sorry for the hiatus.

However, a break from commentary seems like it was a good idea. Truth really is often stranger than fiction, and I am still reeling from all those pundits who had no idea what was going to happen now happily telling everybody what is going to happen.

But February is upon us, the sun is shining more strongly, the blood is flowing in my veins again, and the birds are chomping away at the suet. And if you are wondering what birds are chomping away at your suet, check out this excellent app from Cornell:

An App to ID Your Bird Photos

That’s right: our Merlin Bird ID app just got an upgrade that analyzes photos on your phone and offers bird ID suggestions. Just snap a photo or choose one from your photo library, answer a couple of questions, and Merlin will offer smart suggestions about what North American species it might be. Read more at eBird or download Merlin free for your iOS or Android device and try it out.

Can’t Get a Photo? Merlin still offers uncannily good ID advice from a simple bird description—now expanded to feature 650 bird species.

When I downloaded said app I accepted emails from them, and received this astonishing video, which I cannot embed, but is absolutely worth the click and  will brighten your winter day. Happy February.

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