Now that they have knocked down the house right behind us … I really would rather be sailing the F-31

Or should I say Osprey? I still think that is my favourite of all the names we have thought of, and I am beginning to have trouble walking past all the dreadful puns at the sailing club, and cannot in good conscience inflict another one on the unwary. The amount of construction we have witnessed in our twenty odd years on this street is really quite something, it seems to me, compared to the pastoral myth of my childhood. I do remember when renovation season hit Toronto, in the early eighties after a brief flurry in the late sixties, which saw an awesome amount of orange shag carpeting make it into our family home. Peter Sellers would have been proud! In the eighties it was all windows on angles, and then somehow in the nineties everyone wanted their kitchen at the front of the house and the living room at the back. Me, I just like things roughly functional, and mostly quieter than the city is allowing lately. At least it appears a house is going up, not a condo tower, so we will make the best of it. But it is going to mean construction, every day, starting so far at the somewhat civilized hour of 7:30, for months and months. And we already had a house built right next door to the north, literally 18 inches from the lot line. Luckily the infill to the south was built before we moved in, but we are now going to be surrounded.

We are lucky folks though, and throwing caution (and some money we don’t have) to the wind, shall also throw ourselves to the wind, setting out at the beginning of next week for three weeks on Georgian Bay, if the gods are willing, not crazy as would appear to be the case. So it is time to get the old camera dusted off, start the provisioning piles, and try not to worry too much about leaving poor old Mouse behind, but long days on the boat are not good for her and she will be much happier at home. She is showing her age, and it must not be thought about too much. [Aren’t we all, ed.?]


But long days on the boat might do this old girl a power of good.

Hoping the metaphorical sun is shining for those who deserve it, and the others, well … not so much.

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  1. xty says:

    Looks like we will be on our way … almost organized, new toilet constructed by genius hubby, trailer being retrieved, truck rental tbd. But possibly off this afternoon …

    Hope all is well in the universe, it has been a little patchy around here, for reasons that are not at all clear. Brain swimming through soup for some reason, and much hoping that things will clear up soon.

    Oh, and f**k the Tragically Hip and their appalling ad for Justin Trudeau. Don’t mistake musical talent for political know how and uttering the “twelve more years” really made my blood boil. He ain’t a king and you are a rock band. The CBC is as always a gross embarrassment. But that really took Marie Antoinette’s cake.

  2. xty says:

    I realise it has been a little quiet around here, and a little pedestrian, but such is my life and I am as always grateful to my few faithful readers. Today is the big move, rent truck, get boat on trailer, take down mast without breaking any legs, tow to Penetanguishene, put mast back up without breaking any legs, launch boat, return truck … finally relax? Yikes but that was the plan and what the boat is meant to do …. so hoping to greet from Penetang tomorrow, with a renewed outlook on life. Big camera dusted off, and that has really been a while.

  3. xty says:

    Safely at Penetanguishene, truck to unload and return, and then mast to put up. It all got too much yesterday, but the boat is at the parental dock, one arm in and one arm out, and the day is looking spectacular. But getting away will of course take forever, and best hope is dinner at Beausoliel … second best is dinner with the in-laws here, which is an excellent second choice.

  4. xty says:

    Made it to what we have always called Gin and Tonic Islands around 9 last night, but we are on the water and it is a beautiful day. Coffee, morning swim, playing with technology, all is becoming right with the world.

  5. xty says:

    Back through Killarney and heading south today, with a short internet moment. Strong north-east winds called for and we shall see how it goes. So far the winds and weather have been pretty kind. Hope all is well with all, and even with sundry.

  6. xty says:

    Happy Labour Day … and it is a peach of a day as I sit in the upper boathouse back in Penetanguishene, with the room gently rocking around me. A wonderful trip, and here are the ducks who adopted us, asleep on the mobile research platform:

  7. xty says:

    Good steamy morning. It feels like the amazon around here, and we are feeling very lucky that this wasn’t the week of our holiday. We have ended up staying at the cottage for the week, with a crazy plan to drive the rental truck which we will pick up on Saturday morning to Toronto, boat in tow, to attend a memorial service for the father of hubby’s oldest friend, who happens to have been a rather famous surgeon and there is going to be a thing at the Four Seasons. We will then just sleep in the boat as the wake thingy is from 6 to 10 in the evening, and drive to Ottawa in the morning. Just a little murky on where we will park the monster while in attendance.

    Full report on sailing trip is for some reason not yet taking form … must assemble photos, etc.

    But hope all is well without.

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