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Gobble gobble gluck gluck munch munch munch

a thousand hairy savages sitting down to lunch … or something to that effect, as I either paraphrase or quote the inimitable Spike Milligan, in honour of my American friends’ turkey festival. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you late celebrating folk. … Continue reading

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I think I shall call it the Brain of Whew …

I have mentioned Norman Doidge’s The Brain’s Way of Healing in the Word of the Day [or Week, or Eon, but my intentions are good] and would like to give it a little more attention. This book, while in a way full … Continue reading

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No time for tyrants, no love for leaders …

Here’s what I thought the other day. We, as in humankind, have accepted rule by tyrants for a very long time. In the knowable ancient past, going back about six thousand years or maybe more (my date memory got left … Continue reading

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Well, call me a broken record (but don’t call me Shirley)

A topic close to my heart, that human cooperation is key to survival, crops up again through the inestimable Russ Roberts, within the context of our use of narrative, our ancient history (including the use of cooperation to destroy other species, … Continue reading

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Back to Russ Roberts, and an almost argument breaks out!

I nearly always enjoy these podcasts and when Russ is throwing his net wide and doesn’t hesitate to interview people with whom he has a fundamental disagreement it is extra interesting. Add in nostalgia for the early days of computers … Continue reading

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Maybe this is too personal, but an honour for mum brought a tear to my eye …

What a great mum! I feel I have kind of dropped the ball … but have a salutary Saturday and remember that the best time to plant an oak tree may have been twenty years ago, but the second best … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s just me, but I find this post-conspiracist most entertaining ..

I have touted this podcast before, and cannot resist re-touting it. Still time to go back to the beginning, and it only comes out once a month (sadly) so no big time commitment, but if you ever feel you narrowly … Continue reading

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Is your ladder leaning against the right wall?

This is a question that should be asked daily. Once you are focused on the rungs, it can be hard to remember what is at the top. I remember two somewhat related stories from a strange series (strange mostly because … Continue reading

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Cooperation innate and key to survival? Who’d of thunk it …

Well, me, for one. And I sure took a lot of heat (and vitriol and even metaphoric urine) for mentioning it at the Swamp: humans tend to be naturally cooperative. Or so argues Paul Robinson in Pirates, Prisoners and Lepers. I … Continue reading

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So you want me to eat a potato?

Food has been much on my mind lately, as I seem to be dwindling away. It used to be that I had to be careful not to swell like a giant pumpkin, and adding pounds was as easy as looking … Continue reading

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