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Back to Russ Roberts, and an almost argument breaks out!

I nearly always enjoy these podcasts and when Russ is throwing his net wide and doesn’t hesitate to interview people with whom he has a fundamental disagreement it is extra interesting. Add in nostalgia for the early days of computers … Continue reading

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Maybe this is too personal, but an honour for mum brought a tear to my eye …

What a great mum! I feel I have kind of dropped the ball … but have a salutary Saturday and remember that the best time to plant an oak tree may have been twenty years ago, but the second best … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s just me, but I find this post-conspiracist most entertaining ..

I have touted this podcast before, and cannot resist re-touting it. Still time to go back to the beginning, and it only comes out once a month (sadly) so no big time commitment, but if you ever feel you narrowly … Continue reading

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Is your ladder leaning against the right wall?

This is a question that should be asked daily. Once you are focused on the rungs, it can be hard to remember what is at the top. I remember two somewhat related stories from a strange series (strange mostly because … Continue reading

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Cooperation innate and key to survival? Who’d of thunk it …

Well, me, for one. And I sure took a lot of heat (and vitriol and even metaphoric urine) for mentioning it at the Swamp: humans tend to be naturally cooperative. Or so argues Paul Robinson in Pirates, Prisoners and Lepers. I … Continue reading

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So you want me to eat a potato?

Food has been much on my mind lately, as I seem to be dwindling away. It used to be that I had to be careful not to swell like a giant pumpkin, and adding pounds was as easy as looking … Continue reading

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For goodness sake, Mr Dickens, make up your mind!

One of my favourite cartoons: Which in a round about way leads me to this, also one of my favourite cartoons, from Randall Munroe: That really sums up my experience at the Swamp. I still have trouble with insomnia, but … Continue reading

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I have become uncomfortably numb … and the whirlwind continues …

It has been a whirlwind indeed, and I have not had time to sort my thoughts, let alone my pictures, such as they are. We are (or probably were by the time anyone is reading this [anyone? At least realism … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day … or Dominion Day … or excuse to party day …

A bit like the Queen’s birthday [Queen Victoria, that is, no getting all modern around here!] which we celebrate on a day that is specifically, by statute, never her actual birthday, May 24th, Canada day is a holiday dedicated to outdoor eating … Continue reading

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If being current on modern currency isn’t your cup of tea … how about a slice of ancient constitutional history?

It worked for my grand-pa Bertie, and it works for me, on occasion. And this year is one of those occasions. Nicholas Vincent on the Magna Carta Did an 800-year old piece of parchment really change the world? Nicholas Vincent … Continue reading

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